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first real trip with the sled

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:29 pm    Post subject: first real trip with the sled Reply with quote

so, Lori and I had our first real trip with the sled yesterday... we decided to make it a geocaching/sledding trip north west, just outside outside of P.A. we only put on around 40 kms but we were outside all day and made a ton of stops and enjoyed the scenery... I believe were were outside for a total of about 5.5 hours and didnt get back to the truck till 7:30...
we didnt get out there till just after 2 but then hit the ditches for 4 kms till we found the trail that we needed to start at and then started out trek... it ended up being a 20 km round trek that took us deep into the bush and then back to the highway again and it sure was fun.. being on a sled is sure a different experiece than anything else.. I didnt realize half the neat things that we saw were out there!!!
being that we were also out all day, it sure was a good test to see what one needs to bring on a day trip to be comfortable as well... we packed fairly good but will try to refine our luggage for the next trip..
as well, the sled performed excellent but I reall noticed how loose the steering actually was....i did buy all the rod ends for the steering and will install them soon but it made driving a straight line in tight areas a little challenging at times....
the other issue was the battery. i knew it was weak when i bought the sled but always seems to start the sled, especially after I had already run it but i guess the combibation of high beams, handwarmers, thumbwarmer all on was enough to keep it relitively dead with only the sled making any power for the accessories.... on our last stop I went to try to start it again and it was pretty much dead... although with a couple of pulls on the rope it started so that was a relief.. we were still a good 5 kms away from the truck and still in the bush so it wouldnt have been a good ending to an otherwise great day....
oh yeah, i guess a future upgrade for the sled may be a track with a little bit bigger lug... I dont know if the 1 inch lug actually cuts it all the time... we were in snow sometimes that was easily knee deep and although we never did get stalled out in deep snow I could hear the tracks spinning trying to find traction, especially from a dead stop in fluffy snow... having the second person on the back was definitelly great for the extra weight for traction but I think perhaps moving to a 1.5 inch lug and perhaps a 136 inch track might be the way to go... the 133.5 track that polaris has is a little goofy for sizing anyways...
other than that, everything was good and I cant wait to get out again... I normally hate winter and everything it has to bring but I think this is a good way to help ease the winter blues.....

here is just a random pic of what we saw all day... snow, trees, snow covered trees... Laughing

here is a random trail shot.... you knew you were on the main trail due to all of the trail makings on the trees...

here is me just double checking that everything is alright... I have no idea how quickly the oil gets used, how the belt is holding up or whatever else may be lurking under that hood... (I am such a noob.. Laughing )

this is one of my favorite sopts that we stopped at.. just to the right is an old hunters shack built into the hill but you cant see it and I didnt get a picture of it because it was on a slippery hill and i didnt want to fall down... the valley area has a stream running through it but was frozen over today...

me and the girlfriend.. this is our first official couple sledding pic... (hopefully the next one will be better and we can then call that one our first official "couple sledding pic" Laughing

and one more of the sled.. just another pic before we left to get our next cache..

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

awesome, looks like you had a good time.

Yes, deeper lug makes a difference...extra weight makes it harder to get going and keep going in deep snow. Going up to a 136 will make little difference. it will work out to about 1.5" of extra length of track on the snow...but the 136 will be an easier track to find and likely cheaper because of it. You may have enough adjustment in your tensioning for a straight swap... but likely you will have to redrill the skid mounts in the tunnel and move things back accordingly.

we always had battry troubles...seemed to replace the battery every year. They go dead too easily over the summer and the cold seems to be hard on them too. If you kept them tricklecharged all summer you would likely be ok. Also, unless you are cruising along at a pretty good pace it will do little for charging the battery...hence the dead battery.
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